Breathing The Machine – 1 Year SALE

I can’t even believe it’s been a full year since Breathing The Machine has been released to the world. An album I never thought I’d finish has already been out there for that long? Well hot damn!

To mark this anniversary, you can get the physical albums and digital copies of Breathing The Machine for 30% off! Head over to my Bandcamp Page where you’ll be able to pick up your copy of the album. Also, with each each physical album sold I will sign them for you!!

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Offer ends October 17, 2014!!


Bullet of Reason – Monster You Created (Live Vocal Performance)

As mentioned before in my previous post about my live vocal performance of “Pretty Suicide”, I’ve gone and done another performance… this time of “Monster You Created”.

The response from the Pretty Suicide video has been pretty positive so far and many of you wanted to hear more. This is encouraging! I will be doing more of these performance videos in the coming months, amongst all the other things I’m working on.

So here it is, the live vocal performance of Monster You Created!

Digital Embrace is here!

Time to go back to the roots that Bullet of Reason came from. It’s funny, this is one of the quickest tracks I put together for the new album and I love the way it turned out.

Enough chit-chat… here’s my new track “Digital Embrace”

For those of you who prefer SoundCloud (or are using a mobile device to view this page), you can check it out here!

Happenings and Stuff

So it’s been interesting over the past few days. I had my eye procedure which put me out of commision for a week and a bit, making it extremely difficult to really work on anything musically. I had an acoustic guitar, but nothing to really record anything… also didn’t really come up with anything worth recording in the first place.

Last time, I gave a quick update on Mechanical Holocaust and how I need to record new guitars. So what am I doing? Redoing the drums.

I know, makes total sense.

But that’s okay, it’s making it easier to track guitars as I feel there’s a bit more presence in the mix which helps progress the song along. I’m listening to it right now and it sound much more mechanical and the way I had originally intended. I’ve been listening to it without guitars in the mix, but I’ve been playing along with what I’ve got to see if it sounds too busy. The only real way I’ll find out is to actually record and mix and then do some more tweaking to get the right sound out of it.

There’s also a couple of other things in the works right now that I can’t really talk to much about, but once I can I’ll let you know. I’m excited for what’s coming and I hope the wait is worth it. On a side note, I was featured on my friends podcast talking about games and stuff because I was in Toronto at the time and it just seemed like a cool idea. Go and take a listen to us ramble and swear at each other at

I was also thinking of creating a little video of me working on the guitars and mixing M.H., but I’ll figure out how I’ll do that in time. Would anyone really be interested? It’s nothing really special to be honest…

And with that, I’m going to go back and work on playing some guitar with the current state of the song to see where I can get from there.

Until next update…

M.H. – Update

Sadly, I wasn’t able to get Mechanical Holocaust fully finished this weekend because I wasn’t happy with the way I was tweaking it. I listened to sections over and over and realized that perhaps I was trying to “master” it a bit to much and it started to sound like there was way to much going on.

After playing on the keys for a little bit, I realized that the way I had originally done the piano and string work in the draft mix was actually the way I wanted to go. I started creating some more melodies on top of one another and then it was basically piano overload with a hint of strings upon strings. When it started to sound WAY to muddy, I realized it was time to stop what I was doing and break it back down to the basics.

With that said, I’m going to tweak around with it a little more tonight by adding the original piano and strings to the final mix session and try to clean it up a little bit. I’m hoping to at least get a minute preview uploaded here tonight giving you a sense of what I’m trying to get. It won’t really sound different in regards to structure and overall sounds from the demo, but it will be cleaned up with some added guitar filters to bring it to the punch up just a bit.

Mechanical Holocaust – Screenshot

MH Screenshot

Here’s a quick little screenshot of the remastering process for Mechanical Holocaust. There’s still a lot of tweaking to do before I’m completely satisfied with the track, so I’ll keep you posted. I really do hope that I can get it done by the end of the weekend, but I also don’t want to rush it. We’ll see what happens!

Song updates and Chaotika

So as a nice little treat, I’d like to let you hear the first official track from the upcoming album “Breathing the Machine” titled Chaotika. Hope you enjoy!

I’m currently working on revamping Perfect Poison and Mechanical Holocaust. The demo versions can be found on my ReverbNation page. After those are complete, I plan on starting to put together a new track. However, I’m not sure which one to start first. I’ve had my eyes set to finishing (Sanity) Through the Eyes of the Insane which is more of a “radio friendly” track but will still contain the necessary agression I’d like to deliver. I’ve also got another one in the works – well, mostly just thoughts brewing in my head – Annihilation: Start. This should be, and hopefully will be, pretty damn heavy.

More updates as they come!