Bullet of Reason is a one-man machine operated by Adam Herdman of the Electronic-Rock style. In the past it’s been a combination of different sounds and styles, sometimes referring to it as a style of his own. His lyrics can range from relationships to war, religion to the idea of our own demise… while holding nothing back, he grabs many influences from different sources all around him and brings the collection together into one solid message.

Bullet of Reason originally came to life in 2006 as Adam separated his personalities into two unique styles. Bullet of Reason was created to take on the harder and darker emotions that formed within; something that his other project Platinum Dragon17 wasn’t really meant to deal with.

His debut release, Assault on Your Reckoning, was released in 2008. A full length album featuring a wide range of styles, he was able to maintain a sound all on his own. Combining electronic sounds with rock riffs and techno and sometimes even hip hop beats, Adam managed to fuse together something different… something that he wanted to hear.

With the release of Breathing The Machine , he’s challenging himself to write, create, and produce material that he hasn’t done before by trying new ways of getting the sound out of his head. Evolving from an angry younger self, Bullet of Reason has grown into a conceptualized artist, making every song on Breathing The Machine a seamless, flowing, electrically charged story of machines, religion, battles with his sanity and relationships.