M.H. – Update

Sadly, I wasn’t able to get Mechanical Holocaust fully finished this weekend because I wasn’t happy with the way I was tweaking it. I listened to sections over and over and realized that perhaps I was trying to “master” it a bit to much and it started to sound like there was way to much going on.

After playing on the keys for a little bit, I realized that the way I had originally done the piano and string work in the draft mix was actually the way I wanted to go. I started creating some more melodies on top of one another and then it was basically piano overload with a hint of strings upon strings. When it started to sound WAY to muddy, I realized it was time to stop what I was doing and break it back down to the basics.

With that said, I’m going to tweak around with it a little more tonight by adding the original piano and strings to the final mix session and try to clean it up a little bit. I’m hoping to at least get a minute preview uploaded here tonight giving you a sense of what I’m trying to get. It won’t really sound different in regards to structure and overall sounds from the demo, but it will be cleaned up with some added guitar filters to bring it to the punch up just a bit.


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