Welcome Home (Halloween 2014)

For awhile now I’ve wanted to make a specific Halloween inspired track… This year, I’ve gone and done just that. So enjoy this track full of guitar chugs, vocal glitches and chainsaw sfx alongside other Halloween style sound effects.

Just in time for Halloween, you can download Welcome Home for FREE!


Bring Me To Life (Evanescence Cover)

Just a quick little cover of Evanescence – Bring Me To Life

This is a very stripped down song. I decided that I was going to listen to you guys and make a song or cover that showcases my voice in different ways….

So here you go! I hope I lived up to your expectations!

You can download the cover for FREE on my SoundCloud! Because really, who doesn’t like free things?

Lost In Circuitry – One Winged Angel (Platinum Dragon17 Cover)

It’s about time that I release another “Lost In Circuitry” track for you all!

This cover of my old project “Platinum Dragon17” was never going to see the light of day… mostly because I didn’t really have anything that it would fit to release on, until now.

So if you know the original PD17 – One Winged Angel off the Dark Awakening release, you can hear the Bullet of Reason take on it. And of course, it’s for FREE!

Pick up the original track on CDBaby or iTunes and other digital retailers!

Bullet of Reason – Bombshell (Powerman 5000 Cover)

This song is easily one of the biggest influences behind Bullet of Reason (and back in my DoublEdged days). So I decided to go and cover Powerman 5000’s “Bombshell” as a tribute! You can watch it on YouTube or play it on my SoundCloud and download it for FREE!

Get up! Get up! Get up!
Drop the Bombshell
Get up! Get up!
This is out of control

Watch on YouTube:

Listen and download for FREE off SoundCloud:

Lost In Circuitry

Hey everyone!

Once a month I will be uploading some tunes that will be featured under my “Lost In Circuitry” playlist. These are essentially ideas that are brewing in my head at random points in time, or late night sessions that may turn into something more, who knows!

Best part? You get to have these all for FREE!

Check out the first release for Lost In Circuitry called “Journey On The Grid”

Don’t Fret Precious I’m Here…….. and album news!

It took a lot of courage to go in and cover this tune, but I finally did it… and I’m happy to say that I’m proud of it! It’s a FREE download so why don’t you go and grab yourself a copy of it and jam it right into your ear holes?!

And here’s some album news……..


It’s done… ‘Breathing the Machine’ is finished… ready to be put to CDs and start delivering it to YOU! I will be revealing the album artwork sometime this week on my Facebook Page as well as the full tracklist, and then updating it here later.

I’m just a little excited…… and relieved (but mostly excited)!

Unfair (Remix Kit)

For those remixers out there and people who wish to cover my track “Unfair”, I’ve got some good news for you! I’m giving you the stems so you can go ahead and slice away at those files and remix it into your own creation! I look forward to seeing and hearing what kind of madness you guys create!

Bullet of Reason – UNFAIR [REMIX KIT]

Unfair… and the future!

If you’ve been following me on Facebook, you would know that I’ve been working on reconstructing the single “Unfair” off my first album to give it a little more punch and to make it as aggressive as I originally intended it to be. It will actually be featured on the upcoming album “Breathing the Machine”.

I did, however, say that I might actually have this track done by the end of this year. Conveniently I finished the mastering process last night and had a listen to it on the big boy speakers and was finally happy with it.

So before I get to it (unless you’ve already scrolled down and downloaded it as you’re reading this), I just wanted to thank you all for being with me this year. It’s been an incredible year full of knowledge and making new friends and catching up with all the old ones and doing my absolute best to keep track of everything that’s been going on in my life. You are all the reason why I continue to strive to make Bullet of Reason better and better (at least, I think it’s getting better… for all I know you could be thinking it’s a piece of crap), and I plan on involving each and every one of you on the upcoming album somehow to try and show my thanks. 2012 was a big year, but the plans I have for 2013 are even bigger….. maybe even hopefully getting a chance to see you in the crowd somewhere and get in front of a camera to start making some videos………. I digress.

Happy New Year to all you kick ass peeps out there and here’s to 2013!

Right click to download “Unfair” or you can just stream it here: