Lack of updates brings some more updates

Please forgive the lack of updates/postings. It’s been a really busy couple of days. Mostly jumping from one studio to another and essentially keeping Pro Tools open on any screen possible and just diving right into the tunes.

Been pretty busy putting together some new material for Bullet of Reason. I really hope this new stuff rocks your world just as hard as it’s rocking mine. I really can’t wait to show this stuff to you………… wait a second, I already did a little bit on my Ustream account which can be found by clicking this link. I plan on turning on the camera at random times just to see who’s interested in watching me work on some stuff (which I will warn you now is EXTREMELY boring and probably best that you don’t actually watch it). I’ll most likely be posting the next time I plan on doing a Ustream so that you can follow along and watch and even ask questions. Follow my Twitter and Facebook Page for updates on when I’ll be doing a live show. Since I may even be putting the stream up at random, be sure to check back on my pages often. If you haven’t already picked up the Breathing the Machine EP or you have absolutely no idea what I’m talking about, I strong suggest that you go pick it up in the FiXT Store and let the machine consume your soul!

I’ve also been pretty busy working on new ethereal|Lust material and I can say that we’re both really proud of where this project is going. We really can’t wait to get this full album out to you. If you haven’t already, go pick up the EP in the FiXT Store,on iTunes, or on CDBaby.  More material is coming soon so also head over to our Facebook and Twitter pages for all the updates and shenanigans that we upload.

More updates to come soon my friends…  stay tuned!


EP, ethereal|Lust, PD17 and Step Zer0!

Alright boys and girls here goes…

While the Breathing the Machine – EP is not yet ready for your downloading pleasure I can say that it’s in the final step and will be sent off to FiXT Store over the next few days for them to process and get it up and running in the store.

So why the hell have I been delaying this release? Well, remember how I promised a remix of Chaotika by Martin Harp? Martin ran into a couple studio problems and then moving and then lack of internet. This entire phase made it quite difficult for him to work on and send me the remix. No fault on him (still love you Martin!). I’ve spoke with him and the good people over at FiXT and we’ve come up with a solution…

I don’t want to delay the EP anymore, so I’ll be sending them the EP with 5 tracks (4 originals and 1 remix by Clarck Cunt). Then, when you purchase the EP from FiXT you will be able to re-download the EP once Martin’s remix is complete, free of charge. I will of course notify you of the updated download file so you can go back to the FiXT Store and re-download it. Send me an email with your proof of purchase and I’ll will save it so that when the remix and updated EP becomes available I will personally send you an email telling you to go and re-download the EP from your downloads. If you run into any issues, please let me know and I’ll be sure to sort it out.

With that being said, when can you get the EP? Hopefully in the next week or so! I’ll be sure to let you know as soon as it’s up and running (so stay tuned).

*phew* okay, so part one is done…

As you probably already have heard, I’m also working in my band with the lovely Roxanne in ethereal|Lust. So far, the response has been full of kick ass and positive vibes. We’re both extremely happy that you’ve been enjoying what you’ve been hearing and we promise more to come soon. We’re working on putting together a small little EP over the next few weeks so that you have something else to listen to that isn’t Bullet of Reason.

More details to come. Head on over to our new site at
We’re also on Facebook and Twitter!

*part 2 down… you still with me?*

You’ve also probably seen based on my most recent posts that I’ve finally brought Platinum Dragon17 back to life with my new track “ReConstruct”. Right now it looks like people are enjoying it which makes me feel confident with bringing PD17 back to life with this style.

I’ve also put the stems up for you to download if you’d like to remix it! You can get the stems here

If you’re remixing the song, send me your finished remix to or Soundcloud dropbox

Listen and download ReConstruct right here
ReConstruct by Platinum Dragon17

You can also join my Facebook Page and follow me on Twitter

*last section, I promise*

Over the weekend I took on the task of remixing Step Zer0’s track “I Will Not Break” and gave it some Bullet of Reason tweaks by adding my own guitar, backup vox and what is apparently full of bad-assery.

Head on over to their website and show some love! You can also join their Facebook Page as an added bonus!

You can go and listen to the song right here.
Step Zer0 – I Will Not Break (Step Zer0 vs. Bullet of Reason REMiX) by Bullet of Reason

And that should do it for now! Expect another update over the next few days about the Breathing the Machine – EP and where you can go find it.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I need to go get me some coffee…