It’s been quite some time since you’ve probably heard something from me. I needed to take a bit of a break and rebuild. Many different factors played into why it took me so damn long to get it back together and get working on some new material.

Moving forward I plan to release mostly singles or EPs. I want to get music to you quickly and efficiently so that you’re not waiting decades for a full album.

On June 8, I will be releasing a brand new single called “End”. If you follow me on YouTube or Facebook you can see the lyrics video for it right now! You can also pre-order the single on my Bandcamp page. It will be available on other platforms and streaming services on release day.

I appreciate your patience and understanding. You guys rock and your support is super appreciated. I cannot wait to get End out to you and work on even more material in the near future.

– Bullet of Reason


First post…

So this is WordPress huh?

Interesting, I just started and I already like it here. Let’s consider this the “official” site of Bullet of Reason (that is, until I’m able to afford a .com domain).

You’re probably asking yourself “Adam, what is in store for us? Why should we even care about your blog?”

Answer: I’m able to describe things in further detail and I’m not restricted to 140 characters. Also, this is the place where you’ll get little tid-bits of information about what’s going on in my musical life. You’ll get music clips and possibly full songs (though I’ll most likely be posting most of my full tracks on my ReverbNation page which you can find at http://www.reverbnation.com/bulletofreason).

I’m still working on setting this entire thing up, so you’ll have to forgive the lack of “blogging” in this post. More will come in the future, I promise!