It’s been quite some time since you’ve probably heard something from me. I needed to take a bit of a break and rebuild. Many different factors played into why it took me so damn long to get it back together and get working on some new material.

Moving forward I plan to release mostly singles or EPs. I want to get music to you quickly and efficiently so that you’re not waiting decades for a full album.

On June 8, I will be releasing a brand new single called “End”. If you follow me on YouTube or Facebook you can see the lyrics video for it right now! You can also pre-order the single on my Bandcamp page. It will be available on other platforms and streaming services on release day.

I appreciate your patience and understanding. You guys rock and your support is super appreciated. I cannot wait to get End out to you and work on even more material in the near future.

– Bullet of Reason


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