Breathing the Machine – EP Album Art

This has been a long time coming… sadly, it’s not the actual EP for you ears (yet!).

So since I don’t have the full EP ready to go, I figured I’d at least show you the album artwork. The artwork was done by Ewart K Cameron (who also plays the bassline on Mechanical Holocaust). There was no photo manipulation done here. This was all hand-drawn by him, shaded by him, textured by him….. all done by him! He will also be doing the rest of the album art for the final full length release. There are plenty of ideas that we need to flesh out, but I’m sure it’s going to be a whole whack load of stupid fun!

Here it is! Hopefully the next big update that I have for you is actually the release 🙂

Album Art


Remastering and other stuff

I’ve decided with the upcoming downtime that I’ll have, it’ll be difficult for me to work on newer material as I won’t really be in any condition to be screaming into the microphone or chugging on the guitar…

So I’ve come to the conclusion that in order for me to really “progress” on some new material is to actually complete what I’ve already got before I start swamping myself with newer Bullet of Reason tracks. What does this mean? Considering I already have a completed demo version of “Mechanical Holocaust” I might as well remaster that and get it done before I go for my eye procedure (in case you’re wondering what I’m treating, I have keratoconus). I’m really hoping to have the final version of Mechanical Holocaust done by the end of this weekend. I’ll be re-recording the guitar parts and tweaking the bass line which was recorded by my buddy over at who will also be helping me with the album art and a couple of other tracks that I’ll get him on for bass. I may also drop some backup vocals onto the existing vocal track to help make the verses and pre-chorus a little easier to understand, while still keeping the vibe of the robotic vox.

There are a couple of things still in the works that I’m in the middle of sorting out and as soon as the final details are at a “good-to-go” status, I’ll be sure to share them… but what I can tell you is that I’m pretty damn excited about it!

P.S. I’ve uploaded my remix of Celldweller‘s The Best It’s Gonna Get on FiXT Remix which you can find it right here. Check it out and let me know what you think! Become a member on FiXT Remix and you can rate, comment, and even download it for free!

That’s all for now!