Breathing the Machine – There is Progress!!!

Well I’ll be damned, just mixed 3 tracks that needed to be mixed for awhile now (levels were bugging the hell out of me). And I may have an unsuspected track appearing on the album which will more than likely be an instrumental downtempo track. I have a feeling it’ll probably be the track that closes the album. As of this moment, I think it’s safe to say that 8 tracks for “Breathing the Machine” are done and ready for the mastering stage. Just a few more tracks to flesh out and mix properly and re-record some vox and guitars and reprogram some synths and strings and then mix and level and get it all ear-tingly-nice. This album may come out sooner than I even expected at this rate!

On a side note, June 18th is going to be my next live show. This time, if all goes well, I plan on actually singing a couple of my tracks from Breathing the Machine and then mixing that into my DJ set. You can get all the information on where I’ll be playing RIGHT HERE!

And some of you may be wondering when in the hell I’m going to do my online DJ broadcast where you can actually sit back (or rock out) to a full Bullet of Reason DJ set in your very own home wherever you are in the world!  Well, I’m still putting that playlist together and I can tell you this: It’ll probably kick start the summer. More details on that to come! Next, I’ll try to figure out how I can actually do that by popping out of the screen and into your living rooms or wherever you keep your computers.

Stay tuned… 


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