SoundCloud cleanup and uploads of some new (and old) content

I believe the title says it all, really.

I’ve gone through and cleaned up my SoundCloud page. I’ve now put everything into sets and will be doing this from now on. Since I’m a little lazy after doing this bit of early spring cleaning, I’ll just copy what I wrote on my Facebook page so that you know what’s going on!

I’ve filtered out all the DEMO stuff and previews from my SoundCloud Page and put everything into nice little sets for your eardrum pleasure. I’ve also decided that I want to give your ears a tingle by uploading all the new mixes of the tracks that will be on “Breathing the Machine” so you can hear everything before the album even comes out! Now why in the hell would I do such a thing? Well, because I love you for you being so damn awesome as well as all of your support. So keep your eyes and ears locked here on my Facebook Page for all the uploading and updating madness!

Oh yeah I forgot to mention, the newly mixed versions of “Chaotika” and “Black Widow” as well as the intro track “Theme for the Assimilated” off Breathing the Machine have been uploaded. You can go and hear that set right here.



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