So far, so good! There’s progress!

I’m extremely satisfied with the new mixes of “Chaotika” and “Black Widow”. I also had a chance to finish the intro to the album and mix it too. Now I will focus on getting “Buildup (Teardown)” completed and then clean up “Breathing the Machine” and “Beyond the Light”. Once that’s done, I’ll go in and revamp “Mechanical Holocaust” and mix “(Sanity) Through the Eyes of the Insane”. “Perfect Poison” would come after that since I’m redoing that one completely. Then it’s off to organizing and mixing “Judas” and then finally completing “Slay II Survive”. Once that’s done I’ll probably get to work on “Annihilation: Start” and then finish off some tracks that have yet to be named…

I think I’ll be pretty busy for awhile!


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