ReConstruct is ready… are you?

I’m going to keep this post short and sweet…

I’ve finally released a full on track under my old alias of Platinum Dragon17. I gave you a teaser and a full on listen and download on the beta track, but for those of you who are followers of Platinum Dragon17 or you’re just interested in hearing something that isn’t Bullet of Reason, then allow me to introduce my comeback for PD17.

Here ya go! This is ReConstruct… ready for you to download to your media player and ready to deliver some punches to your eardrums.

ReConstruct by Platinum Dragon17

PS. The next update that I post here will contain more information on the Breathing the Machine – EP. Just finishing up on the final details and as soon as I have everything sorted out, you’ll know!

PPS. I’m still working on stuff with my band, ethereal|Lust. Go and join the Facebook Page and stay up to date with the epicness!


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