For the past few weeks I’ve been keeping crazy busy with stuff (and for once it’s actually music related). I’ve been working with the guy who’s been putting together my cover art and I’m so freaking excited to show it to you……. but you’ll have to wait until the EP is released.

Speaking of EP, I’m still in the works of gathering everything together for the Breathing the Machine – EP and making sure it’s good to go for your ears. I’ve been a little delayed as I’ve also started to work on a new side project, ethereal|Lust. It’s with Roxanne who is also known as the Chicken Girl over on Blue Stahli’s blog. This will be fronted by her melodic vocals with yours truly backing up the creepy and screamy factor. In fact, we’ve actually got a song ready for your ears if you’d like to hear it (see below for our SoundCloud)! While you’re at it, why don’t you head over to our Facebook Page and then Like us and be our bestest buddies in the whole wide world, and then check out the Bullet of Reason Facebook Page!

I will you posted when more updates come. Now enough of my rambling and shameless self-promotion… here’s the first track for ethereal|Lust “Breathe”.


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