On a more serious note……..

Hey everyone,

I’d like to get serious for a quick moment. Nothing too serious, so do not panic. Or if you really want to go ahead and panic, then be my guest….

I just wanted to inform you that on November 17th of this year, I will be getting married to the love of my life. This may come as a shock to some of you who know me, and some of you already knew about this. To those of you who had absolutely no idea, well here’s the part where I say “SURPRISE!!!!”

So with that being said, you may not see much updates from me over the next few days and perhaps a little time after the wedding. This is because I’ll be busy working on getting the last minute details all organized and then I will want to enjoy my much needed break after that. Don’t worry though, this doesn’t mean that I won’t drop by and say hi or interact with you if you post something or want to talk to me. This is pretty much me saying that I’m going to put my music production on pause so I can focus…

… but on that topic of music, I have been teasing “Unfair” a bit and I can say that it’s almost complete. I promise you that as soon as its done, I will make it a free download for you all to hear and have. So stay tuned here for the details when they come. Who knows, I may even shock you in the coming days leading up to the wedding by uploading it (if I get it done in time).

Thanks again to everyone for the support and to all of my followers both new and old. You guys rock my world! \m/


– Adam



2 thoughts on “On a more serious note……..

  1. Congratulations Adam! I’m happy for you and hope you’ll life with your love will be long and good. *Cough* Do get that album rolling though, I’ve heard every song on Assault on your Reckoning about a million times now. You know what you said: “Change is necessary, it makes us whole.” 😉


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