Did someone order updates?

So there’s been a lot going on, which is the reason why I haven’t updated in awhile. I’m sure you’ve been patiently waiting for me to bring some news and probably thinking that I actually am dead and that I was lying to you in a previous post… but truth be told, I’m still alive. For those of you wishing I actually was dead – sorry, I guess.

I completed my remix of Clarck C‘s The Great Hunger, and I’m pleased to say that I’m happy with how it turned out. I’m even more pleased to say that he’s happy with the way that it’s turned out, so I guess it’s a pretty damn good win-win situation for the both of us. It will be a part of his next chapter release and will be avaliable on FiXT for download. I will provide a link to the download once it’s been uploaded.

When Clarck told me that I was going to be featured on FiXT, I felt  like I was about to crap bricks. “You mean, my name is going to be somewhere on FiXT?! Available for download with your chapter, through FiXT? HOLY (explicit words)!!” Needless to say, I’m pretty stupid excited for this. Want to hear a quick listen before it’s released (don’t worry, I have Clarck’s permission to share)? OF COURSE YOU DO!

What’s also cool is that Clarck has finished his remix of Chaotika and it will be featured on my upcoming album. It freaking rocks and I’m sure you’ll dig it!

Speaking of Chaotika, another one of my music idols has taken on the task of remixing it. Martin Harp approached me and wanted to remix it. How in the hell could I say no?! I’ve been listening to his remixes on FiXT Remix and was extremely happy that he came to me to remix it. More updates about that in the near future.

So what about me? What about the new material I keep telling you about? Well, I’ve decided to take on a project that has been burning at me for quite awhile. When I was in my buddy’s band called DoublEdged, we came up with a track called (Sanity) Through the Eyes of the Insane. We never really fine tuned it to the point where we all enjoyed it. Ever since the band dismembered, they’ve given me permission to use the lyrics and come up with my own tracks for Bullet of Reason (Chaotika was also a song we came up with as a band). The work we did will now be done through me and luckily they’re really damn cool about me doing that. I always wanted to get out what we couldn’t through any means, and I’m happy to say that I’ll be doing just that. So, I’ve been sitting and trying to figure out how I wanted to get Sanity of the ground and out using the Bullet of Reason style. After a couple nights of looking at a blank screen and then re-working the lyrics, I’m happy to say that I’ve got something! YAY! Here’s a quick preview of what I’m working on. It’s a quick instrumental, but hell, it’s better than nothing!

And that’s about it so far. There will be more updates to come, so stay tuned!!!


One thought on “Did someone order updates?

  1. Holy shizzle Sanity sounds nice dude! I’m already curious about how it’s gonna be sounding once it’s finished.
    Rock on buddy…ROCK ON!

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