Bullet of Reason – Monster You Created (Live Vocal Performance)

As mentioned before in my previous post about my live vocal performance of “Pretty Suicide”, I’ve gone and done another performance… this time of “Monster You Created”.

The response from the Pretty Suicide video has been pretty positive so far and many of you wanted to hear more. This is encouraging! I will be doing more of these performance videos in the coming months, amongst all the other things I’m working on.

So here it is, the live vocal performance of Monster You Created!

Lost In Circuitry – One Winged Angel (Platinum Dragon17 Cover)

It’s about time that I release another “Lost In Circuitry” track for you all!

This cover of my old project “Platinum Dragon17” was never going to see the light of day… mostly because I didn’t really have anything that it would fit to release on, until now.

So if you know the original PD17 – One Winged Angel off the Dark Awakening release, you can hear the Bullet of Reason take on it. And of course, it’s for FREE!

Pick up the original track on CDBaby or iTunes and other digital retailers!

Bullet of Reason – Pretty Suicide (Live Vocal Performance)

With a lot of the covers and vocal covers I’ve been uploading (as well as some of my own material), many of you have been asking me to showcase my vocals in a live performance without a lot of processing… just so you can see what it would be like if I were to perform something live. I guess you’re all telling me that you want me to go live? Well, here’s something I put together for you. I decided to go ahead and sing “Pretty Suicide” from the Rebirth – EP as if I were to perform it in a live setting. Yes, there are backup vocals and yes the vocoders are there… but this is essentially an experiment to see what I would need to do should I take Bullet of Reason to the stage. I promise you, the only thing I did with my vocals was remove the main vox from the original session and just sang on top of the music like I was going to record it. And yes, there is a little bit of delay that I bussed out… but there is NO production afterwards. This is what it’s like to hear my live (and for the people who have actually heard me sing or seen me do anything “live” they can back me up on this).

Now that I’ve got that out of the way, here’s me doing a live version of “Pretty Suicide”. I will be performing “Monster You Created” and “Play (One More Time)” very soon for you and probably do a couple of tracks from Breathing The Machine.

Does this mean I’m a step closer to actually bringing Bullet of Reason to the stage?


Bullet of Reason – Bombshell (Powerman 5000 Cover)

This song is easily one of the biggest influences behind Bullet of Reason (and back in my DoublEdged days). So I decided to go and cover Powerman 5000’s “Bombshell” as a tribute! You can watch it on YouTube or play it on my SoundCloud and download it for FREE!

Get up! Get up! Get up!
Drop the Bombshell
Get up! Get up!
This is out of control

Watch on YouTube:

Listen and download for FREE off SoundCloud:

Perfect Poison – Single

Ladies and gentlemen, I’m proud to say that I’m finally happy with one of the many MANY versions of “Perfect Poison” and I can finally release it to the world as a single! GRAB IT NOW!

“You are my perfect poison… Inject you into my veins… I know I need you… Forever and always…”

Lost In Circuitry

Hey everyone!

Once a month I will be uploading some tunes that will be featured under my “Lost In Circuitry” playlist. These are essentially ideas that are brewing in my head at random points in time, or late night sessions that may turn into something more, who knows!

Best part? You get to have these all for FREE!

Check out the first release for Lost In Circuitry called “Journey On The Grid”

Breathing The Machine – Prices Reduced!

I can’t believe it’s already been 8 months since I released “Breathing The Machine”….. so I’ve decided to reduce the prices on all the albums!

Head over to and you can now get the full digital album for $8, physical album for $10 (includes digital download), Deluxe digital album for $11, and the physical album with deluxe digital download for $13!

Haven’t got a copy of “Breathing The Machine” for yourself yet? Well now is a perfect time to do so!

Breathing The Machine CD_Cover_Ext_(Full)