Bullet of Reason – Breathing The Machine


I was born to annihilate
As a rebel I was placed on the earth to terminate
Mankind, mere fools I hold in my hand
To spread Chaotika throughout this useless land
As I rain terror down upon you
It soaks deep in to your skin
You cut yourself open to remove the fear within
My blood you’re bleeding
The earth crumbles all around you
Your ashes turn you to mud
The light is now fading
And the dark is your new sun
Running blindly guns fully loaded in my hand
I need only one bullet to kill all man
For the human race, time is running out
Unleashing the fury as I cross your name out
The reaper is death
And he is among you
There is no point in trying to escape
Appreciate all that is boiling inside you
And learn to love the hate
There was no one who could stop me
No one to betray me
I was in command
I had control over man
Not even God above could save them
I wouldn’t allow Damien to take them
All the helpless souls known as mankind
They were all mine

Breathing The Machine

This incestuous disease
It rages through me
[I’m Breathing the Machine]
Adrenaline now fuel injected
I’m losing faith in my humanity
[I’m Breathing the Machine]
Performing my own surgery
I take a look deep within me
This machine slowly infecting me
Breathing it in, transforming what can I see
Blood black and cold
[Is this the way it’ll be?]
Thoughts turned to code
[I’m losing what I call me]
Injecting the venom
I let the death flow
This symbiotic connection
[It’s the only way you’ll grow]
Their virus is calling to my poison
Fusing together, morphing into a commotion
My soul is empty, my soul is helpless
Can no one hear me calling out in distress?
The warmth of everything that I once called me
Is bleeding out of me
They begin to fill it back in
New thoughts kill the old ones within
All morality, what I hold dear to me
Assimilated into a digital mastery
Conformed to the perfect enemy
I can’t escape this creation
I can’t stop this transformation
The air escaping from my chest cavity
The wires filling every single part of me
A pulse from a once beating heart
Replaced with the pulse of an electrical start
Charged with the programs of destruction
This machine and I are now one
Fused together to take on the new world
My nightmares have only just begun

Beyond The Light

Welcome to my nightmare
Where the days look like night
A desolate desert without hope
I place beyond the light
Welcome to your nightmare
We the creatures of the night
Eternity has bound us to
A place beyond the light
Your misery, my pleasure
Your pain, my wants my needs
Your sorrow, my passion
Your torment, destroying your beliefs
Put your mortal soul to rest
As I rip your heart out from your chest
Into the light, your fate’s with me
You take part in this unforgiving journey
Enter my dream where no one hears the screams
From the souls of the damned
Enter my dream, the innocent we reap
For damned I already am
My misery, your pleasure
My pain, your wants your needs
My sorrow is your passion
My torment, destroying my beliefs
Put our mortal souls to rest
As you rip my heart from my chest
Into the night our souls are free
We take part in this unforgiving journey


I gave you everything
I gave you my all
Surrendered my whole self to you
You promised me with eternal life
You let your lies consume me
‘Cause in the end all you did was betray me
Tie me up and tear me down
Be my Judas and sell me out
Leave me to rot alone and forgotten
But I won’t be the one you crucify
I won’t die
This thing, this gift you gave to me
Fading away all that I believed
Distorting what used to be
The visions we once dreamed
You’ve infected me
You painted this picture
So beautifully
Weaving your words of fantasy
Into a web of misery
Breaking into every nerve
Making me realize what I deserve
But no matter how hard you try
I won’t die!

(Sanity) Through The Eyes Of The Insane

All you can see is what they want you to believe
All you can feel is what they tell you is real
They cast their judgment down like orders spoken from the crown
An endless loop of insanity
Take my hand and be free
I’m not like anything else you’ve learned
I’ll give you the freedom you desire
The one you’ve yearned
Open your eyes
How would you like to see
Break away from your chains of lies
A world where you can be free
Hold on to this chance for life
How would you like to see
Peace, knowledge, away from pain
Through the eyes of the insane
Sanity through the eyes of the insane
Comprised of lies is how you live your life
Wouldn’t it be better if you could just break free
I know you’re sick of the same old story
You turn to me seeking something more to believe
Sanity through the eyes of the insane
Break free

Annihilation: Start

Just when I thought it was over
It pulls me back in
It’s always a never ending battle
This battle within
My trigger finger is ready
But what’s wrong with me?
How can I expect to save you
If I can’t save me
I can’t save me
Annihilation: Start
Annihilation: Go
My mind‘s going out of control
I cry out for help
But no words come out
My inner self
Always stopping me
It’s the ignition that lights the spark
When my positive turns to dark
I’m sorry sweetheart
I’ve lost control
[Don’t worry, I can save you]
I can’t save me
[Hush now, close your eyes]
I can’t save me
[Trust me, you have to try]
I can’t save me
[Don’t worry, just kill me]
I can’t save me


I went back on everything I’ve said
I let the darkness consume the light
Leaving you for dead
I can’t stand this monster I’ve become
Everything we’ve built together, now destruction
Dear God, what have I done?
Will there ever be a resolution?
I should have told you from the start
Instead of dragging you on
Playing with your heart
And now I stare into your beautiful eyes
Watching the life in you slowly die
Dear God, what have I done?
Will there ever be a resolution?
Why couldn’t I stop and think (I can’t go back)
Think straight for a moment (I’ve got no further to fall)
Why couldn’t I just stop and believe (This wasn’t what I wanted)
Believe what I felt was honest (I’m sorry)
Why couldn’t I stop and wait (I can’t go back)
Wait for it all to pull through (I’ve got no further to fall)
Why couldn’t I stop and see (This wasn’t what I wanted)
The answer was always you (I’m sorry)

Digital Embrace

No one left with their own personality
Cookie cutter copies of the digital reality
This is the new synthetic generation we live in
It’s time for you to give in
Who will sing blessed be
When the only one left standing is me
While the rest of humanity stares blindly
Into their damned destiny
Crippled by our creations
We can only hope for salvation
Sing hallelujah and rejoice
For your new God is born
Plug in your souls to him
It’s time to be reborn
Download your new body
Pre-programmed by your democracy
We as a race brought this onto ourselves
Rejoice! Embrace the new normality
Hand over your flesh
We’ll take care of the rest
[Is this the price we pay?]
[I will not die this way]
Humans end is near
But do not fear
Your death will bring new life
The pain will disappear
There’s nothing you can do to stop it
Don’t try to fight it
[Is this the price we pay?]
[I will not die this way]
It’s over now, give in
Feel the new life within
[Is this the price we pay?]
[I will not die this way]

Mechanical Holocaust

Controlling your mind
Synthetic thoughts forming
The perfect formula for mental genocide
Don’t try to hide
You can’t escape the truth
You’ve already lost
This is your Mechanical Holocaust
Fueled by power
Fueled by greed
I am all that you need
Your utopia, the source
The omega
When in reality I’m the perfect enemy
Heart pumps black tar
Like a menacing fuel
Distorting the inner conscience
Using and abusing you
Your veins start their transformation
To fiber optical masturbation
Feeding your world with the realization
You’ve become your perfect creation
Running to nowhere
You feel death is so clear
The truth for you
Is far too much to bear
You can’t accept the monster created
Once loved, now turned to hatred
The intelligence got complicated
You let greed blind your way
Now you must pay
Feel it flow
Feel it grow
Suffer in agony
Breathe in me

Black Widow

I’m slowly going insane
I can feel you take over my brain
Like a torturous venom, you’re infecting
Just to burn and cause more pain
I see your dark intentions
I smell your disease
I’m left helpless, I can’t breathe
But yet I keep fighting blindly
Paralyzed, you leave me here to rot
Come on black widow, show me what you’ve got
Paralyzed, you leave me here to rot
Come on black widow, show me what the fuck you’ve got
I’m slowly going insane
I can feel you take over my brain
Your words are the web connected by your lies
Inching ever closer, I don’t think you realize
I won’t let you take me like this
I may be vulnerable to you now
But not for your fatal kiss
I’ve gotta get out of this mess
I won’t fall victim to your test
I’ll stand above the rest


I don’t give a damn if you choose to believe me or not
Keep in mind of the game
Show me what you’ve got
Your one sided mind is really starting to bore me
But just remember there are two sides to the story
To think that you can only think of one thing
It’s really starting to piss me off
I’m tired of this messed up train ride you’re taking me on
So this is where you get off
These feelings of rage building up inside of me
I’m losing control of my reality
Why can’t you see this is not meant to be?
I’m letting you go, pushing you away
[Being used unfairly]
Two sides to the story
But you treated me so unfairly
I’m dying here wishing the pain would just
Go away
Why couldn’t you see the damage you caused me?
Eating me up inside
This pain I cannot hide
Do you not think that I cherished what we had?
Do you not think that I remember all we had?
Do you think I just threw it all away?
Do you think I wanted to leave with nothing to say?
So you really think I didn’t care?
So you really think I didn’t mean it at all?
So you really think I didn’t love?
So you really think I didn’t give a good Goddamn?
It’s so unfair
Your complaining is killing me
You never cared about me
You can’t see past your jealousy
You never respected me
Stop clinging to what can never be
You’re nothing to me
You treated me so unfairly

Hello Father

Hello father, we meet again
Tell me, how this will end
I’m the martyr of your prophecies
Setting my people free
I’ve already seen what you’ve done to me
When you’ve pushed me to my knees
My breaking point was once so far
Until you introduced me to the dark
You once said to me
That your prophet, he’ll wait for me
But we’ve already danced this tango before
Only to be burned again once more
Come over here, my son
I have something to tell you
I’ll pray for you
[Only now, I know it’s not true]
Bare witness to your God
Ask him for forgiveness
Praise him, let him cleanse you
[Only now, I know it’s not true]
Hello father, we meet again
Tell me, how this will end
I gave you everything you asked for
Yet all you made me do was repent
Your false ideologies giving me hope
When you knew nothing would ever come
Just so you can remind me
Of the powers that can set me free
I’m done with all these lies
I’m severing these ties
I’ll release all these lives
And show the world for what you are
Come on bring on your war
I’m a man with nothing to live for
Send me to the depths below
I’ll show you how far this rage will go
Face your fury

Slay To Survive

The battle has started
But there will be no winners here
The only ones left
Are the sinners you fear, us
The blood is pumping
Your adrenaline
Your fill
Feel it flow through your soul
Ready, steady, kill
We bring the fight to you
It is what you wanted
So step into the arena
You have to slay to survive
No turning back now
Don’t start to regret now
We applaud your stupidity
Face your fury
This is not Armageddon
This is only the beginning
We start the torment
You’re bruised and breathless
Start the commotion
Leave all behind
Leave them bruised
Leave them breathless
We will slay to survive
With this law we will thrive
We will slay to survive
With this law we will abide
Face your fury
You wanna fight come and get it
You wanna battle come and get it
You want a war then come and get it
But tell me are you ready to die?


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