Platinum Dragon17 – Meaning Of The Dreams

So I released this awhile ago as a free album. Why? Well to be honest I wasn’t completley happy with it and I didn’t feel like you should pay for it. So I considered this album to be more of “demo” style material.

This is NOT Bullet of Reason stuff. This is under my first alias, Platinum Dragon17; which has 3 other albums avaliable for purchase before this one.

You’re probably wondering why I want to go back to something I’m not really happy about and let your ears listen to it… and I’ll reply with “You know, that’s a good question!”. I sorta just felt like it.

I will be bringing Platinum Dragon17 back eventually since I retired the name over a year ago to focus on Bullet of Reason. I’m still fleshing out the details on what kind of approach I want to take with PD17, so I’ll release more details about that when the time is right.

Okay, you’ve read enough of my rambling. Let’s get on with the free downloading, shall we?

Here you go… Platinum Dragon17 – Meaning Of The Dreams is ready for your downloading and iPod/mp3 listening pleasure.


As WordPress does not allow me to upload a .zip file for you to download, it makes it a little tricky to make sure you get the file. Here’s what to do…

  • Right-click (or if on a Mac then CMD + Click) the Meaning Of The Dreams picture and then click “Save Link As”
  • Save the file to wherever you want to save it to. You will notice that the file extension is .jpg. Do not worry! This is so that I can actually upload a recognizable file format to WordPress.
  • When the file is done saving to your system, change the file extension to .zip
  • Now you should be able to unzip the file and a folder will magically appear containing the songs and CD art. Lyrics are embedded into the mp3 so if you’re using iTunes you can view them by right clicking the song (after it’s been imported to iTunes, of course) and selecting Lyrics.
PD17 - Meaning Of The Dreams

Corner REMiX is ready for your ears

My final version of Blue Stahli‘s “Corner” is up and ready for your comments, rating, and downloading pleasure. All you have to do is sign up for FREE at and go to my page and you can leave your kind, or hateful, words of wisdom as well as download the song for FREE!

Did I mention that it’s FREE? If not, I’ll say it again… IT’S FREE!!!

So go get it!!!

Blue Stahli "Corner" FiXT Remix Contest

Progress and Remix

I’m sorry for the lack of updates recently. I’ve been busy getting a lot of stuff done. I feel like I keep saying that but seriously, it’s true. I’m hoping to get some more material ready for your ear drums within the next week or two. I’ve essentially thought out a pretty sweet skeleton of what (Sanity) Through the Eyes of the Insane will sound like. I haven’t done any vocal work yet but lyrics are done… well, kinda. I have to jam on them first for a little bit. I’m sure there will be some tweaks that will be needed. This track is hopefully going to be punchy and catchy.

I’ve also been busy working on my Blue Stahli “Corner” remix. It’s pretty different than what I’m used to doing so it’s taking me some time to get adjusted to the sound of the mix. I’ll be sure to supply you with a link once I’m happy with it and it becomes a final mix instead of draft upon draft upon draft.

Well, that’s all I’ve got for now. You’ll hear from me soon again, I promise!