Quicky Post

Well hello world,

No I’m not dead, I just haven’t updated in awhile. I’ve been pretty busy with work and music stuff. I’m working on a new Bullet of Reason track that’s turning out to be pretty interesting. It’s still in skeleton stage and is way far from being anywhere close to done. I’m really considering the thought of uploading some video footage of the stuff that I’ve been working on.

I’m also going to be dropping my vocals on The Great Hunger, a track done by Clarck Cunt as well as remixing it. I’m stupid excited about this one! I’m honored to be able to do some vocal work for someone who I highly respect. Once I heard the song, lyrics immediately started to pop into my head. I couldn’t resist to ask if I could give some vocals a try. Luckily, Clarck is a pretty cool guy and said yes.

And that’s not all! He’ll also be doing a remix of my track Chaotika. Follow him on his Twitter for more updates and info as the details roll out.

Well that’s all I’ve got for now. Tonight I’ll be working on the vocals for The Great Hunger. This is going to be insanely fun!!

The Mechanical Holocaust is here…

You know, I’m going to keep this short and get right to the point. Here is the final mix of Mechanical Holocaust. I think I’ve hyped it up enough…

… I just hope that it lives up to the hype.

I now present to you, Mechanical Holocaust.


Mechanical Holocaust – Preview and Troubles

Will this song ever be completed?! AHH it’s driving me nuts!

I listened to it a couple of times today and made mental notes of what needed to be changed and tweaked and fixed. I get home from work and start organizing my thoughts and going to work on what I can remember needs to be done. All my plug-ins are dialed in and ready to go. The song arrangement is good and I approve… preview the track and decide if this will be a draft or the final version. Select the entire track in Pro Tools and get ready to bounce and BAM! a CPU error pops up telling me that the CPU is being used to the max and I may need to remove some plug-ins. This has happened before, so I figured I’d try again…

… after about 20 tries, I decided that it would be best to walk away before I go ape-shit on my computer and throw my guitar into my screen (as you can see, the guitar would probably do some massive damage). Also doing so could also cause massive damage to my heart and I would probably cry for months.

The initial process of mixing the song down started around……… hell, I don’t even remember. But it do know it was awhile ago since I wanted to take it out into the car and unleash it on the streets of Cornwall, Ontario. It’s now 11:15pm and I am in my PJs listening to it in my headphones and will listen to it again tomorrow as I drive to work.

Now since you’ve gone through my rant or just skipped to the preview (no worries, I don’t blame you), I will say that you MAY be hearing a clip from the final mix. I will let you know tomorrow if what I was FINALLY able to mix down tonight is in fact the final mix that I can then leave alone and never touch it again until I start putting the new album together. Oh god, how great that would be!

Enough about me, here’s the preview.


Happenings and Stuff

So it’s been interesting over the past few days. I had my eye procedure which put me out of commision for a week and a bit, making it extremely difficult to really work on anything musically. I had an acoustic guitar, but nothing to really record anything… also didn’t really come up with anything worth recording in the first place.

Last time, I gave a quick update on Mechanical Holocaust and how I need to record new guitars. So what am I doing? Redoing the drums.

I know, makes total sense.

But that’s okay, it’s making it easier to track guitars as I feel there’s a bit more presence in the mix which helps progress the song along. I’m listening to it right now and it sound much more mechanical and the way I had originally intended. I’ve been listening to it without guitars in the mix, but I’ve been playing along with what I’ve got to see if it sounds too busy. The only real way I’ll find out is to actually record and mix and then do some more tweaking to get the right sound out of it.

There’s also a couple of other things in the works right now that I can’t really talk to much about, but once I can I’ll let you know. I’m excited for what’s coming and I hope the wait is worth it. On a side note, I was featured on my friends podcast talking about games and stuff because I was in Toronto at the time and it just seemed like a cool idea. Go and take a listen to us ramble and swear at each other at http://mashinstudios.com/?p=1999

I was also thinking of creating a little video of me working on the guitars and mixing M.H., but I’ll figure out how I’ll do that in time. Would anyone really be interested? It’s nothing really special to be honest…

And with that, I’m going to go back and work on playing some guitar with the current state of the song to see where I can get from there.

Until next update…