M.H. – Update 2

After listening to the drafts of Mechanical Holocaust over and over and over and over again, I’ve decided that I need to redo the guitar parts. Everything else sounds fine. The bass has been leveled nicely as well as everything else, but the guitars still sound like crap and I know I can do better.

I won’t be able to work on it for awhile though as I’ll be going in for my eye procedure tomorrow and will require some downtime away from computers and tvs and my addicition that is called the iPhone.

Of course, once I can get back into it I will and you’ll be right there in the know.

“See” you soon!

M.H. – Update

Sadly, I wasn’t able to get Mechanical Holocaust fully finished this weekend because I wasn’t happy with the way I was tweaking it. I listened to sections over and over and realized that perhaps I was trying to “master” it a bit to much and it started to sound like there was way to much going on.

After playing on the keys for a little bit, I realized that the way I had originally done the piano and string work in the draft mix was actually the way I wanted to go. I started creating some more melodies on top of one another and then it was basically piano overload with a hint of strings upon strings. When it started to sound WAY to muddy, I realized it was time to stop what I was doing and break it back down to the basics.

With that said, I’m going to tweak around with it a little more tonight by adding the original piano and strings to the final mix session and try to clean it up a little bit. I’m hoping to at least get a minute preview uploaded here tonight giving you a sense of what I’m trying to get. It won’t really sound different in regards to structure and overall sounds from the demo, but it will be cleaned up with some added guitar filters to bring it to the punch up just a bit.

Mechanical Holocaust – Screenshot

MH Screenshot

Here’s a quick little screenshot of the remastering process for Mechanical Holocaust. There’s still a lot of tweaking to do before I’m completely satisfied with the track, so I’ll keep you posted. I really do hope that I can get it done by the end of the weekend, but I also don’t want to rush it. We’ll see what happens!

Remastering and other stuff

I’ve decided with the upcoming downtime that I’ll have, it’ll be difficult for me to work on newer material as I won’t really be in any condition to be screaming into the microphone or chugging on the guitar…

So I’ve come to the conclusion that in order for me to really “progress” on some new material is to actually complete what I’ve already got before I start swamping myself with newer Bullet of Reason tracks. What does this mean? Considering I already have a completed demo version of “Mechanical Holocaust” I might as well remaster that and get it done before I go for my eye procedure (in case you’re wondering what I’m treating, I have keratoconus). I’m really hoping to have the final version of Mechanical Holocaust done by the end of this weekend. I’ll be re-recording the guitar parts and tweaking the bass line which was recorded by my buddy over at http://www.ekcomics.com who will also be helping me with the album art and a couple of other tracks that I’ll get him on for bass. I may also drop some backup vocals onto the existing vocal track to help make the verses and pre-chorus a little easier to understand, while still keeping the vibe of the robotic vox.

There are a couple of things still in the works that I’m in the middle of sorting out and as soon as the final details are at a “good-to-go” status, I’ll be sure to share them… but what I can tell you is that I’m pretty damn excited about it!

P.S. I’ve uploaded my remix of Celldweller‘s The Best It’s Gonna Get on FiXT Remix which you can find it right here. Check it out and let me know what you think! Become a member on FiXT Remix and you can rate, comment, and even download it for free!

That’s all for now!

Playing the Waiting Game

I’m sitting here at Canadian Tire waiting to get my headlight fixed, so might as well kill some time and give you an update on what’s going on.

I’ve gotta say that I’m pretty happy with the response that Chaotika has been recieving, so thank you for your kind words. I just hope that I can deliver even more musical goodness soon.

Speaking of which, I’ll be experiencing some musical downtime for a couple weeks starting at the end of April due to an eye procedure I’ll be going through (it’s not laser surgery, but it’ll help correct and stop what’s going). Looking at a computer screen for too long will cause a lot of strain and I’ll also be sensitive to light.

I’ll keep you posted on my status and, of course, when I can start “focusing” on my music.

Until next update…

Song updates and Chaotika

So as a nice little treat, I’d like to let you hear the first official track from the upcoming album “Breathing the Machine” titled Chaotika. Hope you enjoy!

I’m currently working on revamping Perfect Poison and Mechanical Holocaust. The demo versions can be found on my ReverbNation page. After those are complete, I plan on starting to put together a new track. However, I’m not sure which one to start first. I’ve had my eyes set to finishing (Sanity) Through the Eyes of the Insane which is more of a “radio friendly” track but will still contain the necessary agression I’d like to deliver. I’ve also got another one in the works – well, mostly just thoughts brewing in my head – Annihilation: Start. This should be, and hopefully will be, pretty damn heavy.

More updates as they come!